"Pan Style" Mini-Brake

Fabricate pans & boxes, flashing & fascia corners, plus large metal duct & more on the job.

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MB48B title=


Offset Ratcheting Wrench

Offset ratcheting wrench with 12-point sockets at each end accommodates 1/2 inch and 9/16 inch hex fasteners.

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RRW6 title=


Flexible Duct Support

Flexible Duct Support: 90° Elbow

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FDS1 title=

TSCM TurboShear™

For Corrugated Metal

For cross-cuts, lengthwise trimming and circular or square outlets in 30 to 24 gauge (0.31 - 0.61 mm) corrugated metal.

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TSCM TurboShear™ title=

SM1 & SM2

SmartTool & Clip

Work standing up to install SmartClips for securing PEX tubing to a wire grid over foamboard base.

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SM1 & SM2 title=

SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4

Spot Weld Cutter Kit

Contents:1)3/8-in. Cutter;5)Replacement Cutter Bits;1)Replacement Center Drill;and 1) 5/16-in. Cobalt Drill.

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SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4 title=

Malco Spirit Store

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You can personalize the apparel items with a message and/or company name!

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Aviation Mini Snips

The compact, offset AVsMini easily goes to work in tight spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged.

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AVM6 & AVM7 title=

TurboXTools™ QHT

Quarter Panel Hemming

Hem quarter panels 80% faster!

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TurboXTools™ QHT title=

SEK1 10-Piece Kit

Screw Extractor Kit

Features Left Handed Cobalt Drill bits and Straight-Fluted Extractors.

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SEK1 10-Piece Kit title=

About Malco Products

Quality & Innovation: Longstanding Traditions

In 1950, Mark Keymer, a young steel supply salesman, manufactured and marketed a pipe crimper he had invented for installing metal ductwork in heating systems. He insisted on quality construction, setting the benchmark for the new company. More innovations followed:

  • The first hand seamer, or hand brake, featuring compound-leverage handles.
  • The time-saving hand notcher, for a V-shaped cut in one motion.
  • The hand-operated snap-lock punch.

Just the right tools for crimping, bending, folding or seaming metal. Today, Malco continues the tradition of quality and innovation, and distributes thousands of products from its Annandale, MN headquarters to trade professionals in the U.S. and around the globe.

A proud heritage for a promising future.

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