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Vinyl Fence Picket & Rail Notchers

Vinyl Fence Picket & Rail Notchers make raised tabs in the end sections of vinyl rails and pickets.  The louver-shaped tabs create a durable “lock” that prevents the rail or picket from pulling out of the post or rail slot.  Available in two widths: 1/2” (13 mm) for pickets and rails; 3/4” (19 mm) for larger rails.


Catalog # Description Tab Width in. (mm) Tab Depth in. (mm) Tool Length in. (mm) Tool Net Weight lbs. (kg)
VFN1 Picket & Rail Notcher 1/2 (13) 7/8 (22) 9 (229) 14 (397)
VFN2 Rail Notcher 3/4 (19) 7/8 (22) 9 (229) 14 (397)


Can the tool be used on all types of vinyl?

The Notcher will work on Mono-extruded or Co-extruded vinyl products. Plastic and refurbished materials will affect performance of the Notcher due to the brittleness of the material.

What temperature range will the tool work well in?

The Notcher will perform in temperatures ranging from 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

What thickness of material will the tool work on?

The Notcher will perform on materials within the range of .05” to 1/8”(VFN1), .050” to .125” (VFN2).

What’s the depth of the notch that’s created?

The depth of the notch is 7/8” deep from the end of the material.


  • Easily create 1/2" or 3/4" (13 mm or 19 mm) raised tabs at the job site.
  • Lock rails and pickets in place quickly and securely.
  • Durable yet lightweight hardened steel frame.
  • Work in cold down to 40 degrees F (-4.4 C) and heat up to 120 degrees F (48.9 C).
  • Ergonomic REDLINE Handles for maximum leverage and natural fit and feel.


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