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360Magnetic Tip Measuring Tapes 360
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Magnetic Tip Measuring Tapes

Malco’s “MAGNETIC TIP” TAPE MEASURE is ideal for every ferrous metalworking project! Use it for HVAC ductwork installations, ceiling grid applications, metal stud framing and more. A powerful magnet and self-supporting 1” wide blade makes 1-person measurements and measuring elevations an easy task. The magnetic tip and big standout blade can even be used as a pick-up tool! A double riveted tip connection, abrasion-resistant, nylon coated blade and rubber-clad housing and blade stop assure lasting performance.


Catalog # Description Net Weight oz. (g)
T416M 1” x 16’ Magnetic Tip Tape Measure 10 (284)
T425M 1” x 25’ Magnetic Tip Tape Measure 14 (397)
T430M 1” x 30’ Magnetic Tip Tape Measure 17 (482)


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