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SmartTool Stapler

The easy-to-use, top-loading SmartTool stapler is used to install SmartClip staples that secure an in-floor radiant heating layout of PEX tubing to a wire grid with foamboard base.  The ergonomic 38-1/2-inch (98 cm) tall SmartTool weighs only 6.1-lbs (2.8 kg) and saves time, as well as the user's back and knees, by operating from a standing position to attach SmartClips to a 10-ga (3.5 mm) wire grid.  A large capacity magazine holds over 40 SmartClips (two loading strips) for uninterrupted, smooth, one-stroke stapling.  The installed SmartClips accommodate popular 1/2-in PEX tubing, which the user also installs from a standing position by pressing into place with one foot while distributing the PEX along the clip layout.  The plastic-to-plastic, SmartClip-to-PEX connection eliminates risk of clip corrosion or abrasion of PEX.   The SmartClip keeps the inserted PEX elevated over the wire grid to provide thorough concrete encasement and coverage.  The resulting straighter, more accurate PEX layout placement on the wire grid ensures even distribution of in-floor heating.


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Catalog # Description Magazine Capacity Tool Length in (cm) Handle Width in (cm) Wire Capacity ga (mm) PEX Capacity in Tool Net Weight lbs (kg) Loading Strip Quantity
SM1 SmartTool Stapler 40 Clips (Two Loading Strips) 38 1/2 in (98 cm) 21 in (53 cm) 10 ga (3.5 mm) 1/2 in 6.1 lbs (2.78 kg) --
SM2 SmartClip Staples -- -- -- 10 ga (3.5 mm) 1/2 in -- 20 Clips


  • Portable, manual stapler for PEX on wire grid with foamboard
  • Operates from standing position
  • Smooth non-jamming action with continuous-feed magazine
  • Accurate layout ensures even distribution of in-floor heating


SmartTool Stapler and SmartClip Staples Video


SmartTool Stapler Supplement


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