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Circular Saw Blade: Fiber Cement

For repetitive cuts in fiber cement with power miters or portable circular saws, Malco now offers specialized Circular Saw Blades with PCD (PolyCrystalline Diamond) faced carbide tips for longer life.

A lower number of teeth and deeper gullets produce cleaner, more precise cuts resulting in an accurately matched trim edge and tighter seams.

Perfectly tensioned, hardened tool-steel blade assures a flat true run.

Available in 7-1/4” (184 mm) 4-tooth, 10” (254 mm) 6-tooth and 12” (305 mm) 8-tooth configurations for use with the full range of circular saw equipment.

WARNING • Fiber cement contains crystalline silica. Respirable silica contained in cutting dust is known to cause cancer.


Catalog # Description Diameter in. (mm) Teeth Arbor in. (mm) RPM
FCCB7 7 1/4 7-1/4 (184) 4 5/8 (15.9) 8300
FCCB10 10 10 (254) 6 5/8 (15.9) 5870
FCCB12 12 12 (305) 8 1 (25.4) 5000


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