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Wood Drill Bits

Unique designed ground points and cutting edges drill faster, cleaner holes, using less power than standard spade type bits. Cut straight or angled holes in soft and hard woods, plus formica, plaster, chipboard, foam core material, many non-metallic building sidings and foam insulation. Made of one-piece special heat treated tool grade steel. Six “flat” 1/4" shank fits securely in conventional chucks. Easy to spot “size marking” is stamped on head. Bits also feature “head hole” for convenient storage and wire pulling. Resharpenable with saw file or grinder. Available individually or in sets. 12" extension also available.


Catalog # Description Diameter in.
WB38 Wood Drill Bit 3/8
WB12 Wood Drill Bit 1/2
WB58 Wood Drill Bit 5/8
WB34 Wood Drill Bit 3/4
WB78 Wood Drill Bit 7/8
WB1 Wood Drill Bit 1
WB118 Wood Drill Bit 1-1/8
WB114 Wood Drill Bit 1-1/4
WB138 Wood Drill Bit 1-3/88
WB112 Wood Drill Bit 1-1/2
WB6K 6 piece set: 3/8


  • Tool steel construction
  • Resharpenable
  • Quick starting
  • Only 1/4" drill needed


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