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Drills its own hole, taps a matching thread and fastens in steel up to .220 thick in less time it takes to drill a pilot hole for other standard sheet metal screws.

Drill-in Screws Type A, Single Thread

Type A 5/16 Hex, Sheet Metal Screws

Painted Sheet Metal Screw

Available in royal brown, musket bronze, almond, white, classic cream and clay.

Red Lip Plastic Anchors

Use with wood. sheet metal or lag screws.

Square Pan Head Zip-In Screws

Zip-in Screws are the best selling sheet metal screws worldwide.


A unique thread design and quality controlled manufacture spell the Zip-In® difference. Zip-In's® sophisticated heat treat process allows the screw to taper to a fine. sharp point without sacrificing critical point strength.

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White painted philips oval head.