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Mini Brake: Portable

Make big or small fabrications on the job with this lightweight and portable tool! The versatile Mini Brake produces bends up to 135 degrees in sheet metals, including aluminum, copper and 22-gauge galvanized steel. The brake's compact size can accommodate sheet metal stock up to 4-feet wide, in any length, because there is no fixed throat depth to contend with.

Use the Mini Brake anywhere on the job site, even on a truck tailgate, for a variety of fabricating tasks from large HVAC transitions to narrow roof flashing to structures as small as a 4-inch square. Strengthening ribs on the brake's anvil and apron assure consistent bends. A safety-conscious, cam-over style clamping mechanism, similar to much larger shop-floor brakes, keeps the anvil secure in any position. Optional legs are available separately.


Catalog # Description O/A Width ft. (m) Min Hem Bending Depth in. (mm) Net Weight lb. (kg)
MB48A Portable Mini Brake 4 (1.22) 1/2 (12.7) 72.0 (32.66)
MB48A SV Portable Mini Brake - South Pacific Only 4 (1.22) 1/2 (12.7) 72.0 (32.66)
MBL Optional Leg Kit -- -- 18 (8.17)


Bending, Seaming, Scribes & Awls


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