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CONNEXT Quick Change Handles

Clear, molded acetate CONNEXT handles are shock-proof, shatter-proof and fluted to fit any hand. Handles come in full grip or stubby sizes and are equipped with a quick-connect holder mechanism to accept any 1/4-inch shank chuck driver including Malco Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers, Hollow Hex Chuck Drivers and Phillips Chuck Drivers.


Catalog # Description Grip Dia. In. (mm) Grip Length in. (mm) Holder Opening in. (mm) Holder Dia. in. (mm) Holder Lgth. in. (mm) O/A Lgth. in. (mm)
CONNEXT1 Quick-Change Handle 1-1/8 (29) 4-1/8 (105) 1/4 Hex 11/16 (18) 1-1/8 (29) 5-1/4 (133)
CONNEXT2 Quick-Change Handle 1-1/8 (29) 1-7/8 (48) 1/4 Hex 11/16 (18) 1-1/8 (29) 3-1/8 (79)
CONNEXT3 Quick-Change Ratcheting Handle 1-1/8 (29) 4-1/8 (105) 1/4 Hex 5/8 (16) 1-5/8 (41) 6-3/8 (162)


CONNEXT Kits  Ratcheting Handle


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