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TurboShear - Fiber Cement Siding, Air™ C

Use AIR PRESSURE for unstoppable shearing power! Combined with Malco’s unique TurboShearFC Design, the TSF1A is the ultimate tool for those who want to make quick, clean cuts in fiber cement siding including window and door arches! Fast cutting blades are specialized for fiber cement siding only.


Catalog # Description PSI Bar CFM L/min Clearance
TSF1A TurboShear Fiber Cement Siding, Pneumatic 90 6.2 4 113 45°
TSF1RB Replacement blades for TSF1 and TSF1A

Drill Requirements: ¼ in. (6.35 mm) Quick Release Chuck Drill / Impact Driver


What materials will the turbo shear cut?

TSF1A - The Turboshear is rated to cut 5/16” (8 mm) fiber cement siding.

How clean is the cut?

TSF1A - The Turboshear fiber cement series have factory set clearances for optimum performance, no adjustment needed.


  • Straight Shearing
  • Precise Arcs
  • Fine Trimming



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