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TurboShear - Slate-Cutting Drill Attachment C

Lightweight shear head for easy one-hand control.

Telescoping Clamp fits large or small drill housing.

Make your power drill a powerful slate-cutting shear!  The Malco Turboshear Model TSNS1 quickly inserts into the chuck of most corded or cordless drills.  This versatile and “portable” TurboShear requires less force than other slate-cutting methods.  An operating speed of 1400 to 2000 RPM ensures optimal performance and control for making fast straight, angled or curved cuts in 4 to 8 mm natural roofing slate.  Cutting slate with finished side up produces an authentic-looking, hand-cut appearance.  And a padded skid plate prevents scratches to the exposed slate finish.  A streamlined, lightweight aluminum shear head and telescoping drill clamp make this compact attachment adjustable for both length and width of the drill housing to go where the work is.  Smooth, easy one-hand operation always leaves a free hand to steady the work when making cuts on a bench or rooftop.  Cut thousands of linear feet of roofing slate quickly and easily all season long!  You can even rotate the tool’s skid plate to maximize acceptable cutting life.  And the long-wearing blade and skid plate are also easily replaced on the job. 

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Catalog # Description Cutting Capacity Net Weight - lbs. (kg)
TSNS1 TurboShear Slate-Cutting Drill Attachment Max. 8 mm Natural Roofing Slate 2.89 lbs. (1.31 kg)
TSNS1CEV TurboShear Slate-Cutting Drill Attachment with Carrying Case 4.56 lbs. (2.07)
TSNS1RBEV Replacement Blade and Skid Plate Set
TSCG Replacement Chuck Guard
TSDC Telescoping Drill Clamp*

*Compatible with all current and pre-existing Malco TurboShears in the market. Use it to make the orginal TS1 TurboShear a one-hand operation by adding a clamp, or to replace the clamp of any of the following TurboShear models: TSHD, TSF1, TSF2, TSS1 or TSNS1.

Drill Requirements: Min 1/4 in (6.35mm) Chuck, Min 14.4 V-DC/Max 7 A-AC


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TurboShear Case Catalog Asphalt & Slate Roofing, Sweeps TurboShear - Slate-Cutting Drill Attachment TurboShear Hex Chuck Intro Supplement  Auto


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