For nearly 65 years, Malco Products has provided customers with high-quality hand tools for the HVAC and RSG industries. Based in Annandale, Minnesota, Malco is an employee-owned company filled with associates working efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our customers and the result of that effort is directly reflected in the value of employee-owned Malco stock. Every day we employee-owners find the best ways for our customers to be more productive and save money through our continuous improvement solutions at every level of job responsibility.

For Malco "associates", ownership means that the success of "our company" relies on the teamwork and positive attitudes of all associates. It's our way of ensuring that nobody works harder to give you more. You'll experience an entire organization that's committed to exceeding your expectations. You'll experience friendly and responsive attitudes, more dedication to quality and craftsmanship; more uncompromising customer support…you'll see that nobody does it like Malco Products.