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Making it in the USA: Malco's Story on "Voices in America"

"Voices in America" commercial and educational programming segments, hosted by legendary actor James Earl Jones, tell the story of Malco Products as the segments make the rounds on the Fox Business Network and participating Public Television Affiliates.  Malco's humble beginnings go back to the early post-war years when founder, Mark W. Keymer, saw an emerging forced-air heating market as an opportunity that sparked some ideas.  By 1950, Mr. Keymer was able to introduce a modest line of hand tools that he invented and commercialized for the job-site fabrication needs of, then new, sheet metal ductwork.  Over 65-years later, Malco's legacy of innovation is alive and well.  And Malco continues to manufacture in the United States, now as an employee owned company.


The Malco story is currently being aired nationally as a 60-second "Voices in America" commercial segment on the Fox Business Network.  You can view this segment on your local affiliate at the following times: Friday, November 25, 2016 at 6:16 PM Central and 9:38 PM Central.




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"They're More Than Just Hand Tools" Video

Malco prides itself as an inventor and manufacturer of tools and accessories that improve productivity and promote the health and safety of pros who use them. An objective unchanged for over 65-years! But a great product idea and design can only manifest itself via quality manufacture. Join us as we take you on a journey that documents the succession of manufacturing processes for a representative Malco hand tool that cuts across multiple markets; the aviation snip, namely the “Max2000” and re-introduced “Max2000 Classic” Aviation Snip.

Click on the video link above, maximize your screen, and crank up the volume. Enjoy!



Access these short product training modules by clicking on the titles below to launch the course.

FLEX DUCT INSTALLATION TOOLS: After viewing this online presentation you will understand the key benefits that make flexible round fiberglass wool duct (flex duct) a popular HVAC choice and recognize opportunities to add Malco Flex Duct Installation Tools to a flex duct sale.  You will also understand the order of use for Malco Flex Duct Tools and be able to explain the key features and benefits for each tool including: a fiberglass duct-board Hole Cutter for making flex duct take-offs; Malco’s complete family of Flex Duct Cutters; Malco’s Nylon Tie selection and family of Tie Tensioning Tools; and the proper use of a Flex Duct Elbow Support.

Click here to launch course

RADIANT HEAT INSTALLATION TOOLS: After viewing this online presentation you will be able to recognize opportunities to add these tools to a sale.  You will also be able to describe two to three unique benefits of each tool in the radiant heat tool family, inclujding the PEX Tubing Uncoiler, ergonomic PEX Staplers and the time-saving PEX-to-Wire Tool.

Click here to launch course

REDLINE HANDLED TOOLS: After viewing this online presentation you will have more insights about the ergonomic science of Malco’s exclusive Redline Handled Tools.  Place a Redline Handled Tool in the customer’s hand and take them on a tour of features and benefits.  Customers who experience the fit and feel of these powerful compound leverage handles for themselves are going to want to buy Redline Handled Tools. 

Click here to launch course

ZIP-IN SELF-PIERCING SHEET METAL SCREWS: After viewing this online presentation, you will be able to define a self-piercing screw and describe Malco’s unique Zip-In self-piercing sheet metal screws.  You will also be able to give examples of how Zip-in features and benefits set this market leading screw apart from the competition.

Click here to launch course


Custom Crafted Solution Programs

  • Custom Crafted Packaging
  • Custom Tool Bag Kitting
  • Custom Crafted By Design

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Custom Distributor Promotion Programs

  • HVAC Market
    • Flex Duct Tools
    • Sheet Metal Tools
    • Power Assisted Tools
    • HVAC Snips
  • Building Construction Market
    • Roofing and Gutter Tools
    • Siding & Gutter Tools
    • Fiber Cement Tools
    • TurboShear Tools
    • RSG Snips

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