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Aviation "Mini" Snip - Left Cutting Offset

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With an overall length of only 181 mm, the AVsMini easily goes to work in tight or awkward spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged. A 19 mm length of cut provides the optimum speed for confined cutting applications where this small, maneuverable snip excels. Forged steel jaws with precision-ground serrations on the lower blade produce a sharply defined edge for cutting accuracy and control. The AVsMini AVM6 left cutting offset design provides superior material flow in 0.61 mm cold rolled and 0.71 mm galvanized steel for making sharp square cuts, tight 125 mm diameter circles and straight line cuts, even on curved surfaces. Soft, non-slip grip contours and an easily accessible handle opening compliment the natural power stroke of any size hand. The torsion-spring-actuated, hardened steel-core handles will not pinch or collapse and a self-opening handle latch will not catch on material or accidentally close.


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Catalog # Description Capacity in Steel Length of Cut Tool Length Net Wt.
AVM6 EV Left-Cutting Offset Aviation Snip 0.61 mm mild and 0.71 mm galv. 19 mm 181 mm 227 g


  • Maneuverable compact length.
  • Sharply defined cut.
  • Comfortably fits any size hand.
  • Spring-actuated, handles will not collapse.
  • Self-opening latch will not accidentally catch or close.


Aviation Mini Snips Video  AVM6AVM7


2016 MultiLingual Catalog enfrit SL16660


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