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TurboXTools™ DSR Door Skin Remover Air Tool C

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Use the power assistance of your drill to remove damaged door skins of passenger vehicles and light trucks. No more dust, dirt or sparks from time consuming grinding. And no risk of burn marks on the door frame! This Malco TurboXTools solution cuts the
damaged door skin off the door frame! The model DSR1 Door Skin Remover inserts into the chuck of a minimum 14.4 Volt cordless or maximum 7 Amp corded drill. A telescoping clamp adjusts to fit length and width of any drill housing for easy one
hand operation. A narrow working head, with spacer guide, cuts through the rounded edge of the door hem. Lateral adjustability of the cutting blades ensures optimal performance in 20 to 22 gauge (0.91 to 0.76 mm) automotive steel. Simply point the blades into the hem to start the cut. The serrated upper blade bites onto the two layers of metal without slipping. Turning the tool, with the spacer guide flush against the hem, allows the tool to cut off a narrow strip along the hem edge. The Malco Door Skin Remover also navigates over mild body lines and around corners to finish the job. Long lasting, hardened shearing blades ensure long service life. Blades are also easily replaceable and are available as a set with a factory installed spacer guide.


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Catalog # Description Air Specifications Maximum Speed Max. Capacity ga(mm) Min. Capacity ga(mm) Attachment Weight lb(kg)
DSR1A Door Skin Remover, Air Tool 4CFM, 133 L/Min-90 PSI, 6.2 Bar 2600 RPM, 2600 TR/Min 20 (0.91) 22 (0.76) 4.2 (1.90)
DSR1RB Replacement Blade Set with Spacer -- -- -- -- --

Drill Requirements: ¼ in. (6.35 mm) Quick Release Chuck Drill / Impact Driver


  • Quickly cuts door skin off frame
  • Compact, one-hand operation
  • Navigates body lines and corners
  • Replacement blade set available with factory-installed spacer guide


TurboXTools DSR Door Skin Remover Tool


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DSR1 and DSR1A Door Skinning TurboXTools

Operate in a well-lighted area to ensure cutting accuracy.
Start at a corner of the door on a flat open service. Cutting into the middle of an edge and then turning sharply is a challenge, as is starting a cut on a sharply rising or descending profile.  
Set the starting point an eighth of an inch in from the rolled edge of the door skin. Allow the blade guide stop to keep your cutting distance at an eighth of an inch. Do not allow the blades to turn into the door.  
Angle the tool slightly to the right and keep the blades’ cutting edges flush to the metal to find the optimum smooth cutting action. With the inside edge of the door skin facing up, be aware of any upward curve of the door frame perimeter or rising or descending profiles. Do not overdo cutting angle and keep blade edges flush to metal.  
Keep the eighth-inch trim cut in sight at all times.   Do not allow cut metal curl to interfere with sight line. Stop, if necessary, to bend curl to right and out of the way or to snap off curl.
If going off track, do not continue cutting to get back on track. Stop and reset tool at eighth-inch offset before continuing cut.