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10-Piece Screw Extractor Kit

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Unique Extractor Kit features Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits and Straight-Fluted Extractors to make screw and bolt extraction faster, easier and safer.  Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits create a pilot hole for the extractor and also loosen, or even remove, corroded, stripped-out, or headless threaded fasteners with the momentum of the left-turning bit.  Hollow-Ground, Straight-Fluted Extractors provided extra bite in the pilot hole and can be torqued in either direction to loosen a frozen screw or bolt.  For use with fastener diameters of 1/4” (M3) to 5/8” (M15), this 10-piece kit contains: 5) Hollow-Ground, Straight-Fluted, Extra-Bite Hardened Alloy Steel Extractors and 5) Matched Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits.


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Catalog # Description Kit Contents For Threaded Fastener Dia.’s
SEK1 Screw Extractor Kit 5) Extractors (#1 – 5), 5) Left Handed Drill Bits (5/64”-7/64”-5/32”-1/4”-17/64”) 1/4” to 5/8”
SE1 #1 Extractor & 5/64” Bit --- ---
SE2 #2 Extractor &7/64” Bit --- ---
SE3 #3 Extractor & 5/32” Bit --- ---
SE4 #4 Extractor & 1/4” Bit --- ---
SE5 #5 Extractor & 19/64” Bit --- ---


  • Left handed cobalt pilot drills
  • Extra-bite straight-fluted extractors
  • Kit components also available separately


SEK1 Screw Extractor Kit


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