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Notchers, Vinyl Fence 1/2" and 3/4"

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The VFN1 & VFN2 Notchers create 1/2 and 3/4 inch (13  and 19 mm) wide and 7/8 inch (22 mm) deep louver-shaped tabs in the end sections of vinyl fence pickets or rails.  The resulting raised tabs facilitate a durable lock that prevents the picket or rail from pulling out of the joint opening in a rail or fence post during high winds or abrupt blows.  Notcher performance is clean and precise in temperatures from 40 degrees F (-4.4 degrees C) to 120 degrees F (48.9 degrees C).  Hardened all-steel construction with rust-resistant nickel plate and black oxide finishes ensures long service life.   

The Malco VFN1 and VFN2 Picket and Rail Notchers also feature ergonomic RedLine Handle technology.  An Engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage.  Comfortable handle grip contours, a non-slip grip insert, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation anywhere on the job.

Made In USA


Catalog # Description Locking Tab Width in. (mm) Locking Tab Depth in. (mm) Nominal Length in. (mm) Net Weight oz. (g)
VFN1 Picket & Rail Notcher 1/2 (13) 7/8 (22) 9 (229) 14 (397)
VFN2 Rail Notcher 3/4 (19) 7/8 (22) 9 (229) 14 (397)


Can the tool be used on all types of vinyl?

The Notcher will work on Mono-extruded or Co-extruded vinyl products. Plastic and refurbished materials will affect performance of the Notcher due to the brittleness of the material.

What temperature range will the tool work well in?

The Notcher will perform in temperatures ranging from 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

What thickness of material will the tool work on?

The Notcher will perform on materials within the range of .05” to 1/8”(VFN1), .050” to .125” (VFN2).

What’s the depth of the notch that’s created?

The depth of the notch is 7/8” deep from the end of the material.


  • Make or remake clean locking tabs in vinyl pickets and rails on the job.
  • Compound leverage produces 7 to 1 mechanical advantage.
  • Ergonomic Redline Handles won’t wear you down.  


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