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Aviation Snips - Right Cutting Vertical

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The forged steel jaws of this right-cutting snip are set at a 90-degree angle to the handles to allow easy gripping when cutting sheet metal in tight spaces or overhead.  The operator can follow tight circular or square pattern right cuts with either a pushing or pulling motion.  A serrated edge on the upper jaw and compound head-to-handle linkage provide powerful, non-slip leverage for cutting up to 24-gauge (0.61 mm) cold rolled steel or 28-gauge (0.38 mm) stainless.  Handles feature non-slip, cushion inserts, torsion-spring action and a squeeze-open, side operated latch.  Rust-resistant polished forged steel jaws and black oxide finished handle stampings promote long service life.


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Catalog # Description Cutting Capacity Length of Cut Tool Length Net Weight
AV9 Right-Cutting Vertical Aviation Snip 24-ga (0.61 mm) Cold Rolled Steel / 28-ga (0.38 mm) Stainless Steel 1-3/8-in (34.9 mm) 8-3/4-in (222 mm) 16 oz (454 g)


Is the leverage of the vertical snips different than other aviation snips?

Yes, due to the right angle of the head not being inline with the handles. Also, the way the snip must be grasped, when reaching overhead or when holding the handles upside down to reach into tight areas, does not allow the user a natural power stroke motion.

Why are the vertical snips rated for a lighter gauge than other aviation snips?

Different leverage due to a different head angle and a different way of grasping the handles, are the reasons why these vertical snips are rated for lighter gauge material: 24-ga cold rolled mild steel (0.61 mm), or galvanized steel (0.71 mm), and 28-ga stainless steel (0.38 mm).
Standard AVs or Max2000 Aviation Snips are rated for: 18-ga cold rolled mild steel (1.22 mm), or galvanized steel (1.32 mm), and 20-ga stainless steel (0.91 mm).

Is there a difference in cutting with vertical snips versus other aviation snips?

Yes, due to the right angle of the head and the way the handles must be grasped, the user will often need to push or pull the snip depending on the cutting direction.

Are any of the parts replaceable?


Are extra springs available?

No, we do not offer replacement springs for the AVs Aviation Snips line.


  • Cuts in tight spaces and overhead
  • Easy gripping for push or pull motion left cuts
  • Powerful non-slip cutting leverage


Aviation Snips


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