Roofing, Siding, Gutter

Carbide Rotary-Percussion Bits

Use in any rotary or rotary percussion drilling device for unexcelled performance in brick, tile, granite, concrete, masonry and other similar hard and dense materials.

Jobber Drill Bit Kits

General purpose drills. 118° conventional point angle allows deep drilling in a variety of materials including metal.

Pin Vise

Use in hand or insert in drill chuck. Pin Vise holds wire gauge drill sizes 61 to 80.

Sheet Metal Double Ender Drill Bits

Two points for twice the life, twice the convenience.

Sheet Metal Drill Bits

Sheet metal drills with 135° split point design bite into metal precisely where wanted - will not wander.

Spade Type Wood Drill Bits

Unique designed ground points and cutting edges drill faster, cleaner holes, using less power than standard spade type bits.

Step Drill Bits

A unique double flute design assures the penetration of soft or thin materials at the proper speed.