Roofing, Siding, Gutter

5-Blade Crimper - Sheet Metal Downspout

Produces a double crimp that downsizes corners of aluminum or steel downspout to create a male connection for joining sections.

Gutter Nail Driver

Gutter nail driver for installing up to 8D nails over the edge of a gutter.

Gutter Outlet Punches

Lightweight tool quickly and easily cuts a clean downspout drop hole anywhere along the length of aluminum gutter.

Gutter Outlet Saws

Fine tooth saw for safe, fast, clean cuts in thin walled and half round gutter. Downspout always fits flush with gutter.

Gutter Screw Guide

Easily works over the outside edge of rain gutter to hold and guide 1/4-inch hex head screws up to 2 inches long.

Single Crimper - Gutters

Light duty tool without grips. Makes a single crimp for downsizing aluminum downspouts.

Snap Lock Punch - Sheet Metal, Adjustable

Ideal for crimping gutter end caps in place. Also creates locking tabs in light sheet metals.