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Shingle Remover (The Beast)

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Shingle removal is a beast of a job but now, finally, there’s a tool that’s up to the task. Unlike other shingle shovel removal type tools, THE BEAST Shingle Remover from Malco makes a tough job bearable. THE BEAST cleanly lifts off heavy loads of shingles and pulls nails in one motion. Long handled models are available with either an adjustable head for handling any roof pitch, or a versatile fixed head. Adjustable models also feature fiberglass handles and a choice of 48” (1.22 m) or 58” (1.47 m) tool lengths. All long handled BEASTS feature replaceable 10 gauge (3.40 mm) tempered steel blades with variable length teeth. A comfortable D-grip is also standard.

Handle those tight spots with a short handled “Baby” BEAST! For steep pitched roof caps and hard to get at dormers, overhangs, valley flashing and flashing around structures, this compact tool is indispensible. The short handled BEAST also features extra side slots for pulling out nails along walls and from under trim. One piece steel integral handle is covered with a comfortable foam grip.

Made In USA


Catalog # Description Head Length in. (m) Handle Net Weight lbs. (kg)
SB48 48" Shingle Remover Fixed 48 (1.22) Steel 6.90 (3.13)
SB48A 48" Shingle Remover Adjustable 48 (1.22) Fiberglass 7.10 (3.22)
SB58A 58" Shingle Remover Adjustable 58 (1.47) Fiberglass 7.80 (3.54)
SB24 24" Shingle Remover Fixed 24 (0.61) Steel 2.80 (1.27)
SBRB Replacement Blade
SB48ARH Replacement Handle



  • 3 position head makes this BEAST ideal for handling any roof pitch.
  • Choice of 48 or 58” (1.22 or 1.47 m) tool length.
  • Heavy Duty, but lighter weight, fiberglass handle for exceptional balance and control.


  • For roof cap removal and hard to get at dormers, overhangs, valley flashing and flashing around structures.
  • Beveled side slots pull out nails along walls and from under trim.
  • Rugged 1-piece, all-steel construction.


Catalog Jobsite Essentials 2017 Full Line Catalog


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