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Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter

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Makes fast, safe, precise cuts in stone coated steel shingles, shakes and tile style roofing, including DECRA, METRO and GERARD brands, all season long. Compound leverage and a generous handle length reduce user cutting force up to 30% versus other guillotine style cutters that pose a challenge to even the most seasoned pros. The shingle, including lock seam, is cut in one easy, steady motion. The shearing action has a “wiping” effect on the shingle’s zinc coating that seals the cut edge to resist rust. A hardened steel blade and die offer reversible cutting edges for twice the cutting life, prior to sharpening. And the blade and die are also easily replaceable! With the blade lock-pin in place, this portable cutter is safe to transport and sets up virtually anywhere on the job site. The sturdy frame with two different length leg tubes provides the user with two working table height options. A large table surface allows sure-handed control and prevents damage to the work-piece. And the table’s “feed-thru” design also allows long angle cuts for roof hips and valleys.



It is the best cutter we have ever used. Many of us in the room having 25 years’ experience or more using stone coated steel cutters. Thank you for sending it to me and the engineering on this cutter is very thought out and the features are awesome.
Daniel D.
Metro Roofs

We used the cutter for 5 months straight and we never had to flip the blade over or sharpen it in that time of steady use. The base does not lift up or move when you lift the handle and the cutter was stable on whatever surface we used it on. The larger face along the cutting blade seems to help keep the shingle parallel with the blade. It cut panels significantly easier than any other cutter we have used. We also did not experience the shingle bending between the blade and the base which frustratingly happens with other cutters. In our 18 years of installing stone coated steel roofing our team agrees that there has not been a cutter that has performed like this one. Next time we need a cutter the Malco Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter will be the tool we invest in.
Kevin D.
Lifetime Shingles, LLC

Made In USA


Catalog # Description Adjustable Table Heights in. (mm) Net Weight lbs (kg)
SCSRC1 Stone Coated Roofing Cutter 21-1/4 and 29-1/4 (540 and 743) 70 (32)
SCSRC1RB Replacement Blade & Die Set --


  • Twice the cutting life
  • 30% less force to operate
  • Two working table heights
  • Sure-handed control
  • Easy angle cuts
  • Safe to carry on job


Stone Coated Steel Roofing


Stone Coated Steel Roofing Catalog Supplement 2017 Full Line Catalog


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