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TurboShear - Double Cut, Pneumatic

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Now you can get double-cut performance in a versatile Malco TurboShear. The 2600 RPM (2600 TR/Min) model TSMDA TurboShear Air Tool is compatible with your existing air supply and offers maximum power and speed in a double-cut style shear. The blades of Malco Double-Cut TurboShears remove a narrow spiral scrap from the tool path to produce a clean, straight edge on both sides of the cut. These blades can approach a cut from either end to produce a quality work-piece edge. They can also navigate up to 90° outside profiles of metal roofing panels, or metal ductwork, and are beefy enough to cut through seams. And you can easily disengage Malco Double-Cut Blades from the cutting path or quickly re-engaged to continue cutting. The long lasting carbon steel blades are also easily replaced on the job.

Made In USA


Catalog # Description Capacity Net Wt. lbs. (kg)
TSMDA Pneumatic Double-Cutting TurboShear Galvanized Steel (18-Ga.) 3.60 (1.63)
TSMDRB Double-Cutting TurboShear Replacement Blades -- --


  • Compatible with your existing air supply.
  • Produces clean edge on both sides of cut.
  • Approaches cut from either end.
  • Navigates 90° outside profiles.
  • Cuts through seams.
  • Long lasting blades also easily replaceable.


TurboShear  Double Cut


Catalog TurboShear Pneumatics 2017 Full Line Catalog


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