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TurboShear™ Vinyl Cutting, Drill Accessory

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A Vinyl-Cutting TurboShear provides an easy scissor action for making fast straight cuts, circles and squares in all popular vinyl siding styles. Use this power assisted Attachment TSV1, with a cordless drill or impact driver for maximum portability and convenience anywhere on the job site. A telescoping clamp adjusts to fit length and width of any drill housing including smaller bodied impact drivers for easy one-hand operation. Optional spacers are stored on clamp for large motor housings. A clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for optimum tool clearance when navigating profiles or to facilitate easy material flow. A knife-like beveled blade edge quickly penetrates vinyl to start the cut. And a non-slip bite and 3/8 inch (9.53 mm) jaw opening tackles the lock seam edge of vinyl siding with ease. These wide-opening jaws, combined with a generous 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) length of cut , also make easy work of cutting through siding profiles. Malco Vinyl-Cutting TurboShears can operate at high or low speeds for the control you need to follow a precise cut line. A lateral blade gap adjustment capability ensures that optimum cutting performance and maneuverability can be maintained for the life of the blades. Replacement Blades are also available and easily installed on the job.

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Catalog # Description Requirements Cutting Capacity in Vinyl Siding Cutting Capacity in Vinyl Sheeting Weight lbs (kg)
TSV1 TurboShear, Vinyl Cutting, Drill Attachment Min. 1/4-in. (6.35 mm) Chuck, Min. 14.4 V DC/Max. 7 A AC .055 in (1.40 mm) .125 in (3.18 mm) 2.16 (0.98)
TSV1RB Replacement Blades -- -- -- --
TSDC Drill Clamp Replacement -- -- -- --
TSCG Chuck Guard Replacement -- -- -- --

Drill Requirements: Min ¼ in. (6.35 mm) Chuck, Min. 14.4 V-DC / Max 7 A-AC


  • Fits a drill you own.
  • Straight and left cuts in .055 in (1.40 mm) vinyl siding.
  • Powers through lock-seams and profiles.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Long life blades also replaceable.


TSV1 Vinyl Siding Turbo Shear Video


Catalog TurboShear Attachments 2017 Full Line Catalog


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